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GD Nike mutual shoes sold out

air max 270 black sale A few days back, GD Quan Zhilong placed a picture of nike by peaceminusone on ins! Nike confirmed that the pair of G-Dragon's Nike Air Force1 "Para-noise" will probably be available for sale on November 23rd! Daisy + peaceminusone logo + There are actually three versions of that laces: red hook, green hook, white hook! Let us feel it together~

nike air max 270 mens Red swoosh rumors the fact that red hook is the Korean limited edition, the tag is printed with the word "Artist", I heard that it has been sold out. The yellow swoosh special version belonging to the shoe box outside the graffiti is packed with GD design style, open the shoe box included with small daisies, printed to the "STAFF" tag with "NO. 1-NO. 88 only" on the tag.

nike air max 270 sale The white swoosh is dominated by grayscale, and the black midsole and also outsole are blended by using black graffiti and paint splashes. The combination of Quan Zhilong's personal brand name and Nike's co-branded sequence, the daisies and sneaker box's graffiti design is simply a thing of beauty. Just listed, it has already tripped a wave in your circle.

nike air max sale uk The shoes are mainly paper, and the white midsole in addition to outsole are embellished together with black graffiti paint, featuring the old effect. This insole is printed having an exaggerated random graffiti habit. The most powerful thing is the scratch design, which can scrape off the black surface to disclose the graffiti style inside of, and everyone can make a unique limit.

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