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make the Internet Explorer your default bro

How to make Internet Explorer Default Browser Internet Articles | March 3 Mens Jordan Shoes For Sale , 2016

This article is about how you can easily make the Internet Explorer your default browser. So, do the same just follow some simple steps and get your issue resolved.

Internet Explorer is a main program as it is consistently giving fabulous browsing knowledge to its client. It has astonishing features of giving skimming browsing facility and firewall against insect spyware or system dangers. So user dependably needs to have Internet Explorer as their default browser if more than one program is introduced in the computer.

Below are the steps for making Internet Explorer as the default browser:

There is a menu button in the right corner of the browser page displayed in the form of 3 lines. Click on that button. The browser’s settings page will be opened. Click on “General” tab. The general information about the Firefox will be shown like, default settings, the download location etc. Check the box, above the message, “Firefox is not your default browser” and click on the button displaying Air Jordan Retro Shoes For Sale , “Make Default”. The changes will be automatically saved. If this doesn’t works, click on the menu icon and go to settings. It will ask, set the default browser. Select Internet Explorer. Save the settings. Alternatively, go to the control panel and select “Programs”. In the right partition of the window, there will be two tabs, Program and Features & Default Programs. Under the Default Program Air Jordan Retro For Sale , click on the link, “set as your default program”. This will show the list of programs on the left panel of the window and their description on the right panel. Click on the Firefox on the left panel and in the right panel, click on the link “Set this program as default” then Click “OK”. In Windows XP, go to Control panel, then go to, “Add and Remove Programs” and in the left panel click on the button Air Jordan Shoes For Sale , “set program access and default”. In the right panel, select Internet Explorer and click OK.

If the user is still not able to set it as default browser, then they can take help from Internet Explorer technical support phone number?our experts will help the users to solve their browser issues rather than the default browser problem. Avail the support service for the IE to get instant services by professionals.

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